PTA News - Jan 11

Thank You for Supporting your school!

You helped PTA raise over $10,000 to support SCHS after the stressful October 27th code red hoax. This funding and volunteers from all our parent groups organized several special thank-yous for our teachers and staff (and there is more to come).

  • Band put on a special faculty lunch

  • Cardinal club is creating a special teacher/staff BBQ lunch

  • PTA helped fund a special holiday party at Humble Sea

Dear PTA -- On behalf of all the staff, we want to give you the biggest thank you for funding our event and for all of your help in making it such a great night- the desserts were a hit! People were having so much fun to the point that we had to buy an additional hour to keep the festivities going because we simply couldn't finish our gift exchange in time. We could not have made this all happen without your help, so thank you so much and we hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season.

Coming Soon - Screenagers Next Chapter (about anxiety)

See trailer. This film uncovers skills for stress and resilience and is about helping young people thrive in our screen and stress-filled world.

Next Board Meeting - Jan 17th

This will be 6:30pm in the SCHS Library. All are welcome. Agenda Link

Next General Meeting - Speech Contest - Feb 13th

On Feb 13th, Students can compete on the topic "Social Media: Connects us or Isolates us" for prizes and to practice public speaking. Details at

Fundraising and Spending Update

2023-01-17 Fundraising